Subject of the paper are blasting vibrations as sources of environmental molestations including acceptance level, complaint level and damage level as well. Besides, the subject shows a comparison of international regulations and their problematical aspects. In consideration of blast induced immissions the subject shows useful practical formulars which predict vibrations on hand of a prognosis. It provides a solution proposal how to minimize environmental effects of blasting works.

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Technologietransfer in KMU der Bergbauindustrie

Ein Beitrag von Rolf Schillinger aus dem Jahr 1999, erstellt für die Montanuniversität Leoben (Österreich).
Dennoch hat dieser Artikel an Aktualität nichts eingebüßt.

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Introducing the new Instantel® Micromate™ Vibration and Overpressure Monitor.

Announcing the new Micromate from Instantel – the industry’s smallest vibration and over-pressure monitor.
The Micromate redefines industry standards for functionality and ease of use!

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Announcing the new Micromate from Instantel

Announcing the new Micromate from Instantel


ICEM to Expand into Asia

To take full advantage of the booming market in Thailand as well as the upcoming launch of ASEAN in a few years, Interdisciplinary Consultancy and Environmental Management (ICEM) together with a yet undisclosed explosives supplier, plan to invest in new blasting technologies and training programs useful for local and regional companies, ICEM Principal Consultant, Mr Rolf Schillinger tells official.

“With rapid expansion, outdated support functions can lead to misadministration and/or diminishing quality performance in the market, leading to loss in efficiencies or reputation. Blasting activities surface or underground necessarily involve the most sensitive aspect of environment remediation, human response, or annoyance and in the worst case impacts with significant effects on humans and/or environment. Neither of these can be afforded if a company wants to remain attractive to environment requiring protection, such as the Thailand and ASEAN mining sector,” says Schillinger.

“Blasting is a crucial factor to the success in any mining operation, surface and/or underground. However, declining respectively low levels of blasting skills are costing the mining industry millions in lost production every year”, he notes.

One of ICEM principles and key strengths has always been the focus on skill development training of employees within their clients businesses, thereby ensuring the provision of gained knowledge and services remain within their client’s organization.

In line with their expertise, the new ICEM Bangkok based Office is aiming to launch a series of specific as well as generic training programs later this year.



A number of new passages have been excavated in existing dams. These penetrations are to improve access, provide new outlets or access for grout curtains, and upgrade dams and outlets to meet modern standards. Potential damage to adjacent grout curtains, waterproofing details or appurtenant facilities from excessive vibration is a major concern. This paper reviews available excavation techniques and considers issues to be addressed for each. Vibration thresholds are also reviewed. Case histories for Klingenberg Dam (Rolf Schillinger supervised the project), Spelga Dam, San Vicente Dam and Warmwithens Dam are used to illustrate the discussion of the different techniques.

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Paper presented at “ICOLD 2013 International Symposium” by:
J Dominic Molyneux CEng FICE, Technical Director (Black & Veatch, Redhill, UK)
Jim Zhou PE, Design Manager (San Diego County Water Authority, San Diego, USA)
Jonathan Bradshaw CEng MICE, Project Engineer (URS, Belfast, UK)
Dennis J Hogan PE, Senior Project Engineer (Black & Veatch, Philadelphia, USA)


The ISEE says, “There’s an App for that”

Check out the new page of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) about useful smart phone applications for explosives engineers.

Application Evaluation:


Instantel Micromate – New Product Announcement!

Instantel has been hard at work designing and manufacturing an all-new vibration and overpressure monitor to fit your compliance monitoring requirements, budget – and hand! We are introducing the Micromate as the industry’s most cost effective and smallest vibration and air overpressure monitor, which will complement our existing line of monitors.
“The Micromate monitor will set the standard for price, quality and performance as the preferred monitor of professionals” says Ron Mask, Sales Manager at Instantel. “Instantel has been designing and manufacturing vibration and air overpressure monitors for over 25 years, and this experience is very evident in the Micromate functionality and features.”

Introducing the Instantel® Micromate Vibration and Overpressure Monitor
Instantel’s Micromate, a 4-channel unit, is designed to monitor and transmit event data with one triaxial geophone and one air overpressure microphone. The Micromate has been designed to withstand the Construction, Mining and Geotechnical environments. The rugged design includes a high-impact protective boot, fully sealed top panel, and non-corrosive, impact-resistant connectors. Micromate is easy-to-use with a touch-screen interface including intuitive menus, color display, and an associated keypad.
The real-time operating system with uninterrupted event monitoring ensuring zero dead time between events. The flexible sample rates, from 1,024 to 4,096, offer programmable record times from 1 second to 30 minutes dependent on the selected record mode, and the expansive memory offers a capacity for over 1000 one-second events at a sample rate of 1,024 S/s. USB communications allow high speed data transfer of recorded events and uploading of setup configurations. Important features like Auto Call Home remote monitoring and an enhanced Histogram Combo recording mode are also included.

Download: Micromate Technical Specification Sheet


Minimate Pro4 and Minimate Pro6 Class 1 Sound Level Microphone

The new Instantel Series IV Sound Level Microphone can perform unattended monitoring of noise, such as building activities, construction, traffic, and mining operations. It is now possible to combine noise and vibration monitoring on the same unit, making the Minimate Pro4 or Minimate Pro6 a cost effective and flexible monitor for these applications. The microphone ships with a microphone stand and windscreen.

The Sound Level Microphone has been designed to meet the requirements for IEC Class 1, which includes A and C weighted specifications. It has a measuring range from 30 to 140 dB with a fast or slow response. It is also capable of recording the unfiltered response in one of two ranges, +/- 25 Pa or +/- 100 Pa. The record mode can be set to Manual trigger, Waveform (records up to 9000 seconds once a preset trigger level has been exceeded), Histogram (with intervals from 2 seconds to 1 hour) or Histogram-Combo (Compliance mode only, this combines histogram and waveform monitoring at the same time).

Download: Class 1 Sound Level Microphone Specification Sheet


Letzter Stand zum Einsatz von Luftpuffern bei Sprengarbeiten

Der Einsatz von air-decks (Luftpuffern) bei Großbohrlochsprengungen, hat unter dem Aspekt der Verminderung von hohen Gewinnungskosten hinsichtlich eines verarbeitungsgerechten Haufwerks, in weiten Bereichen der Steinverarbeitungsindustrie an Aktualität gewonnen.

Download: Air-Decking 2012-13



On-site findings from vibration and noise measurements initiated by blasting at the quarry Lengfurt (Germany)

Download: Article “Safety in Mining” JUNE 2012